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How to Train Substitute Teacher On-Site – Webinar

By August 6, 2014August 29th, 2018For Administrators, Webinars for Administrators

Training presented in the school district setting goes a long way in helping an individual to become a successful substitute teacher. How is the best method to train substitute teachers on-site? This webinar address some of the issues, concerns and opportunities in live training offered by a school district.

View the webinar on how districts can train their substitute teachers live and on-site. You may also listen to the interview with Linda Robinson from Loudoun County, VA on how they do live training. Her interview is listed below as an mp3 file.

Please be patient as the sound begins after 38 seconds.


Linda’s email is –

Sub Trainer Manual (PDF)

Power Point Slides (PDF)

To Listen to an Interview with Linda Loudoun click below