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SubSkills™ Online Training Packages – Our Most Popular

By March 27, 2014May 22nd, 2015For Administrators, Training Options

This effective 8-10 hour online training course for current or prospective substitute teachers contains over 50 videos, 95 downloads, 75 examples, and 85 strategies, and provides the most in-depth training available for substitute teachers.

The SubSkills Basic OnlineTraining Package includes the following:

  • SubOrientation™ Online Orientation:  a 25-minute video to orient new substitute teachers.
  • SubSkills™ Online Substitute Teacher Training Course:  Covering topics in Classroom Management, Teaching Strategies, The Professional Substitute Teacher, Special Education, and Fill-In Activities with over 70 activities to download.
  • SubAssessment™:  An online assessment to determine your understanding of the skills presented in the SubSkills Online Substitute Teacher Training Course.
  • SubDiploma™:  A printable course completion certificate in .pdf format (requires Adobe Reader). offers two additional training packages that include the SubSkills Basic Online Training:
SubSkills™ Premium Online Training combines the online course with the Substitute Teacher Handbook, for those who wish to have the print edition as a reference guide.
SubSkills™ Ultimate Online Training combines the initial training with the Substitute Teacher Handbook, PLUS three professional development courses.  A must-have for career-oriented Substitute Teachers!

Contact us at for district volume pricing and to add district specific information to the online training.

SubSkills Training Course is a highly interactive training system specifically designed for school districts and organizations to effectively and economically train their substitute teachers.  Call us at 1-800-922-4693 for more information, or to request a demo. OR request your demo online!

Listen to a Podcast on how one district implemented the SubSkills Training.