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STEDI.org developed training courses with an overall goal of increasing the positive impact of substitute teachers on student achievement.  As substitute teachers follow this training outline, each will improve his/her skills in classroom management and teaching strategies, increasing student performance, and reducing complaints.

Above is a graphic representing the levels of training offered to substitute teachers.

The STEDI Model 


  1. Districts may want to require or give preferential hire/placement for those individuals who complete the SubSkills Online Training as an initial screening and training prior to hire and paid for by the applicant. (To read a white paper about substitute teachers and their link to student achievement click here.  Or to read about the benefits of having applicants pay for training click here.)

Note: The district has had no out-of-pocket expense. Post-hire

  1. Once the applicants have been screened and trained at their own expense hold a live training using the Substitute Teacher Handbook allowing time for orientation of new substitute teachers, discussion, observations, and role-play of key skills. This validates what they have learned on their own and makes them part of the organization.
  2. Use Advanced Online Training courses for substitute teachers who are looking to excel and to provide additional training.



[columnize] Additional benefits of this method include:

    1. Reduce the liability and exposure of a school district
    2. Reduced hiring costs by eliminating excess applications
    3. Reduced time managing substitute teachers by reducing complaints
    4. Reduced turnover by having a more satisfied substitute teaching pool
    5. Reduce unemployment claims do to lack of training


Check out these school districts who require the SubSkills online training course prior to employment. Substitute teachers are benefiting by paying for the training themselves.

Metro-Nashville (TN)
Boston Public (MA)
Ft Worth ISD (TX)
Frederick Co. (MD)
San Juan USD (CA)
Knox County (TN)
Macon County (GA)
Williamson County Schools (TN)
Sonoma COE (CA)
Joshua ISD (TX)
Kansas City (KS)
Fulton County (GA)