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Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week

First full week in May every year (May 1 – 5, 2023)

How to show your
subs you love them!

National Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week (SubWeek) is five days dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of wonderful individuals that fill in for permanent teachers everyday in the United States. This week is meant to be celebrated in conjunction with Teacher Appreciation Week.  The dates coincide with the first full week in May. The success of this week is all up to you, and here is what you can do to keep your best individuals as substitute teachers.


View the How to Prepare for SubWeek Webinar at:

STEP 1: Invite your subs to enter the contest!

Please invite your substitute teachers to participate in our great giveaway. If you don’t invite them, they won’t be entered to win. Send them to:

Dear Substitute Teacher: 

Thank you for your willingness to substitute teach in our district and what you do for the students. You make a difference in our schools and we appreciate your efforts.
On behalf of everyone here at the district office, we want to thank you for filling in when the permanent teacher is out of the classroom. 

As part of national Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week (SubWeek) we invite you to participate in’s Giveaway. You may win an Apple Watch or one of many other prizes to be given away. There is nothing to buy, but it’s available to you to sign up for free.

Register at:

Again, thank you for your service.

The SubOffice


STEP 3: Tell us what you are doing!

Tell us how you have recognized your substitutes or
what you plan to do this year.

  • Which choice best represents you?
  • Please click "Submit" only once.

Why you must recognize your substitutes

  • Bolsters morale of substitute teachers.
  • Fosters a sense of loyalty to the district
  • Increases activity in substitute teachers.
  • Helps permanent teachers become more aware of the contributions of substitute teachers.
  • Provides incentives for permanent teachers to keep lesson plans current and interesting.
  • Often motivates new individuals to apply for substitute teacher positions.
  • May facilitate a survey of substitutes’ needs and announce training planned for the coming year.


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