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Welcome Pinellas County Substitute Teacher Applicants!


Thank you for applying to become a substitute teacher for Pinellas County Schools. The role of substitute teacher is one of the most vital roles in the district, and we want you to be well-prepared to work in our classrooms with our students.

As part of the hiring process, substitute teacher applicants will need to complete the following trainings online:

  1. Watch the online Pinellas County Schools Welcome Video
  2. Watch the online Active Threat Response Training and complete the Active Threat Response Quiz
  3. Read the Pinellas County Schools Substitute Handbook and complete the Pinellas County Schools Sub Handbook Quiz
  4. Complete any of the STEDI SubSkills course options listed below and complete the STEDI SubSkills quiz with a score of 85% or higher

This webpage is the link to select the STEDI SubSkills online training course (Training Requirement #4). If you have any questions or issues regarding the STEDI course options or registration, please contact STEDI directly at or 800-922-4693 (M – F, 8 am – 4 pm, MT).

Applicants will have four (4) attempts to get an 85% or higher. The training consists of several courses that cover the fundamental knowledge, skills, techniques, and practices needed to work ethically, effectively, and professionally with all stakeholders in a school community. The information in the STEDI SubSkills online training course is not intended to replace the rules and regulations of the district.  Use only those suggestions and activities from the course that do not conflict with the district’s policies and established practices.


***When placing your SubSkills order, you will “Proceed to Checkout” to create your account. Be sure to choose Florida as your STATE and Pinellas County School District as your DISTRICT.***


To meet the STEDI SubSkills requirement, choose one of the options below:

Option A (Online)

SubSkills Online 


Option B (Handbook)

SubSkills Printed Training 

(Handbook to be mailed)


Both (Print & Online)

SubSkills Training Premium


Complete Package

SubSkills  Training Ultimate