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Welcome Palm Beach County Substitute Teachers!

School District of Palm Beach County relies on qualified, enthusiastic people to fill the important role of a substitute teacher. We also value the unique perspectives that substitutes can bring to the classroom.

School District of Palm Beach County requires each substitute guest teacher, as part of their onboarding and professional development, to take and pass the substitute teacher training course. Applicants will have four (4) attempts to get an 85% or higher and be given forty five (45) days to complete this training after hire. 

The training consists of several courses that cover the fundamental knowledge, skills, techniques, and practices needed to work ethically, effectively, and professionally with all stakeholders in a school community.

Option A (Online)

School District of Palm Beach County 
Training Online

Option B (Print)

SubSkills Handbook 
Training Textbook

Both (Print & Online)

Training Premium

Complete Package

Training Ultimate

What can I expect substitute teaching in Palm Beach County?


  • To work hard. On average, the majority of our substitute teachers work three days per week. More if you’re interested in substitute teaching in Special Education classes. 
  • While you may experience a last minute call here and there, the majority of the time, you can schedule your assignments in advance. Our system allows you to pick and choose your days and assignments. We do appreciate, however, any last minute calls you can take! 
  • To make a difference. Substitute teaching is difficult, but can be rewarding. Giving students a fresh start and a new energy in the classroom is exciting. We have many subs that are regulars in schools and students are eager to see them in their classrooms.
  • Ongoing training. We want our substitute teachers to be top notch and have the skills they need to feel successful. Each year, expect us to provide you with chances to become EVEN BETTER!