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For Managers of Substitute Teachers

Best for RecruitingSubEssentials

The best way to encourage yet set expectations for those individuals who are considering becoming a substitute teacher is to have them complete the FREE 90-minute SubEssentials online course. Applicants can download the SubEssentials eBook, then watch the 24-minute SubEssentials video and learn that you expect them to teach and not babysit. Post the link on your application page, and you’ll immediately notice a difference in your applicants!

Send your subs to:  STEDI.org/SubEssentials

Best for Training

SubSkills ImageTrain and screen your substitute teachers prior to employment with the 8-10 hour SubSkills Online or Live Training course. This university-based course provides the skills for classroom management and the techniques to implement a lesson plan left by the permanent teacher, plus a lot, lot more.

By rewarding individuals who step up on their own and take the training by hiring them first or giving them preferred placement on jobs, substitute teachers will be more than willing to invest in training. The substitute teacher wins with better skills to enjoy the day, you win with fewer complaints and a better prepared staff, and most of all, the students win by not losing a valuable day!

Developed at the Substitute Teaching Institute at Utah State University, SubSkills is a must for every non-certified substitute teacher.

Send your subs to: STEDI.org/SubSkills


Best for Retaining Substitute TeachersSubWise for Substitute Teachers

Keep your substitute teachers learning and improving this year and every year with SubWise, the year-long e-mentoring course that provides gentle guidance and encouragement each week. Substitute teachers will feel like they are part of the professional development community, will reinforce what they learned in SubSkills, and will feel appreciated by the district. Everyone needs this kind of encouragement including both new and veteran teachers.

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