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Ideas for Hosting a Live Training

Are you considering training your substitute teachers in house?

There are so many benefits for going this route!

Teaching is a face to face profession and when training substitute teachers live, you can model what you would expect them to do in the classroom.

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Here are a few ideas for your next session:

  • Facilitate learning instead of lecture. You wouldn’t expect a substitute teacher to lecture, show them how to facilitate learning instead.
  • Base your classroom management strategies on skills. Every teacher needs skills, especially when it comes to classroom management. There are a lot of great ideas for managing student behavior, but implementing skills is where true success can be found.
  • Make the learning fun. Incorporate games, group presentations and door prizes. Everyone appreciates when the training is lively and engaging.

For ways to train your substitute teachers, consider reviewing the SubTrainer Manual. Any person in your district can be a trainer with this tool and a copy of the Substitute Teacher Handbook for each participant.