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You Have A Great Orientation for Your Substitute Teachers, But What About Training?

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While working with hundreds of administrators, we found they ask themselves:

  • How can I make finding last minute substitutes easier and faster?
  • How can I make sure we have quality substitute teachers who are always on their best behavior?
  • How can I increase our fill rate?
  • How can I make sure we get less complaints from both teachers and administrators?

You + STEDI = Perfect Substitute Teacher Training

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You’re an expert regarding your district. We here at STEDI are experts in training substitute teachers. This is why we have created the Substitute Teacher Handbook which gives your substitutes the professional training and tools that lead to:

  • Increased fill rates
  • Fewer complaints from teachers and administrators
  • Easy last minute fills
  • Higher quality substitutes
  • More teaching days per substitute
  • Less turnover
  • Greater retention
  • Less liability
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    This is because The Substitute Teacher Handbook was written and compiled by educational experts at Utah State University and has been continually improved for over 20 years. It gives you the results you are looking for by providing substitutes the perfect training experience, the knowledge, and skills that make substitute teachers love their job and want to teach more.

    Your Next Step

    Contact STEDI.org to ask for a sample copy and to learn more about
    The Substitute Teacher Handbook
    and what it can do for you and your district.

    email1Reach us through email:

    Or call us at:
    Monday-Friday 8am-4:30 Mountain Time

    To learn what the handbook teaches Click Here.