Our comprehensive training includes all this

Your substitutes will be ready on day one

8 Hours of Instruction

Our training is very specific, relevant, applicable, and practical. The guesswork of classroom behavior has been removed. There are specific skills that avoid or eliminate 94% of all behavior problems with strategies to handle the remaining 6%.




We test them on their substitute teaching skills. You don’t have to. They must pass with an 85% or better. They will then earn their SubDiploma while demonstrating a knowledge of:

  • Classroom management
  • Teaching strategies
  • Being prepared and professional
  • Taking assignments in special education
  • Legal and educational aspects of teaching
  • Appropriate use of fill-in activities
  • How to avoid common teaching traps

Year-Long Advice

Your subs will receive our SubSuggestions newsletter every other week and training videos. The follow-up for SubSkills is beyond that newsletter and specific to SubSkills graduates. Effective professional development is not a one-and-done, it’s ongoing and relevant.



After passing the SubAssessment, they will receive a SubDiploma. This proves they understand the material presented in the course.

The SubDiploma is a printable PDF certificate. We encourage the substitute to add it to their resume and let the school district know of their academic accomplishment.