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A few more details about this course:

  • What should have been taught in college regarding behavior management for teachers
  • Three hours in length
  • Skill based (practical in nature)
  • Teachers can revisit the course material at any time
  • Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Passing an Assessment (Based on user feedback)
  • Roughly $29 per learner with quantity discounts
  • Upon completion, learners will be invited to a private Facebook group
  • Launching  January 2018

Please share your thoughts about this course below! Share if it would be useful for your teachers to have an assessment associated. When would this course be most useful to you? Immediately or next school year?

To share your thoughts and stay updated on this course, either email or leave your contact information below.


  • Lindsay Archambault says:

    I would be very interested in learning more about the new course “Classroom Management for New Teachers.” Many districts note that classroom management is the area that teachers need the most help in. Wouldn’t it be great to offer a focused class that can be consulted while teacher candidates are in internships or in their first year of teaching. I would like to know what is in the course, how closely it aligns with the classroom management modules in the Substitute teaching courses?

    • Thank you Lindsay for your comment! The Classroom Management Course will align very closely with the module in the training for substitute teachers. It will have a few skills added that are useful for permanent teachers.

      We hear too that classroom management is the greatest challenge for teachers. Hopefully we can help!

  • Denise Kennedy says:

    Looking forward to this launch! 🙂

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