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Training makes an Impact!

This year make an impact on substitute teacher training in your district! Now, with our one-price solutions, we train ALL of your current and new substitute teachers. Our powerful courses are easy to implement and will revolutionize substitute teaching in your district into an opportunity for educational excellence. New and veteran teachers will benefit!

New Substitutes

For the new hire

You can choose either online OR textbook training

Returning Substitutes

For the existing subs in your pool

The substitutes in your pool are on a three-year rotation of courses, one per year.

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ONLINE Training
SubSkills Online Training Course

This comprehensive 8-10 hour online training course includes:
SubOrientation Online Orientation: a 25-minute video to orient new substitute teachers.
SubSkills Online Course: covers classroom management, teaching strategies, the professional substitute teacher, special education, and fill-in activities with over 70 activities to download.
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TEXTBOOK Training Substitute Teacher Handbook

The Substitute Teacher Handbook gives you everything from the SubSkills Online Training Course—but in a print version. It does not include the online tutorials or videos, but it does include the SubAssessment and SubDiploma.

ALL new substitutes receive…


While completing the online or printed course, they take our several online SubAssessments to determine their understanding of the skills.


After they earn an 85 or higher in each section, and after they complete all online tests, they may print a PDF course-completion certificate.


All substitutes receive biweekly tips on how to be better subs.
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ADVANCED Classroom Management Course

The Advanced Classroom Management Package is a professional development course that teaches more advanced techniques in management of classroom. This course will help the substitute teacher understand these more advanced principles to become even more effective in the classroom. Includes Advanced Classroom Management assessment.
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ADVANCED Teaching Strategies Course

The Advanced Teaching Strategies course is a professional development course designed to help substitute teachers understand the more advanced teaching strategies and skills required to become more effective in the classroom. Includes the Advanced Teaching Strategies assessment.
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ADVANCED Special Education Course

The Advanced Special Education Course provides a greater understanding of the unique terminology as well as skills needed to work with students with special needs. It also covers effective strategies for working with paraeducators. Includes Advanced Special Education assessment.