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SubWise is Where You Belong

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Get ideas from other subs who are in the same teaching boat. As a SubWise member, you will join our closed Facebook group where you can post questions and get real-time answers.
($75 VALUE)
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When you need guidance, have questions substitute teaching or just need someone to listen when you’re overwhelmed, our 1-on-1 coaches are waiting to help SubWise members only.
($150 VALUE)
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Only SubWise members will see our private collection of 10-minute videos with classroom management ideas. Plus, only SubWise members will be invited to our LIVE monthly webinars.
($200 VALUE)
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Only SubWise members will receive cutting-edge teaching strategies, lesson kick-starters, graphic organizers, questioning strategies, group work strategies, and much more.
($175 VALUE)
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Only SubWise members will receive a study guide flled with bonus ideas—not available in any other STEDI products! Learn the subtle details of managing student behavior.
($125 VALUE)


Joining the SubWise club is easy!

You’re Flexible, Here are More Options

No contract to sign. No long-term commitment. No risk … cancel anytime. We are with you every step of the way: from your first day
of teaching to those days you feel like quitting. We help you in all areas of teaching … guaranteeing your success.

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$ 5.95

Still undecided? Fair enough.
Ease in to SubWise with
a monthly plan that can be
canceled at any time for any reason.
Learn More . . .

This looks safe to me.

yearlyBest Value

$ 49.95

Go all in, and save 18%
off the monthly rate.
This is your career we’re talking about.
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I want to save

Three Years

$ 119.95

We get it. Not everyone
loves subscriptions.
Pay once, and access SubWise for three years
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This is incredible