What happens when a substitute passes our course?


You will gain the self-assurance to teach any class or age group.

IconRocketPreparation is power. As an approved STEDI-Ready substitute, you will master the skills to enter any classroom with confidence. At STEDI, we did a national survey and discovered that the #1 request by substitute teachers is training in how to successfully manage inappropriate behavior. We will teach you to be an approved STEDI-Ready substitute by focusing on these basic skills:
– Behavior Management
– Teaching Strategies
– The Professional Substitute
– Special Education
– Fill-in Activities
(Oh, and you will learn to avoid those nasty traps that substitute teachers fall into!)
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You will be head and shoulders above other substitutes.

IconAppleEven if your district does not cover the tuition for you to become a STEDI-Ready substitute, the benefits will pay off in the short- and long-run. There is a difference between a “normal” substitute and an approved STEDI-Ready substitute. Investing in your own training shows that you believe in your professional development. You will be a better teacher. You will be a top performer. You will demonstrate your desire to enter any classroom truly prepared. A STEDI-Ready substitute is the mark of a true professional.
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You will show school districts you are serious about substitute teaching.

Administrators are extremely impressed with substitute teachers who take it upon themselves to receive training, particularly those who do so at their own expense. When you pass the SubAssessment and earn your SubDiploma, make sure to add it to your resume and let your school district know of your academic accomplishment. Many districts reward those who successfully become STEDI-Ready by increasing the frequency of job assignments and even giving pay raises.
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You will acquire all the skills you need to be an exceptional substitute.

An approved STEDI-Ready substitute teacher knows how to:
• Recognize appropriate behavior
• Ignore inappropriate behavior
• Set and teach clear expectations
• Handle consequential student behavior
• Effectively get and keep students on task
• Present lesson material in an engaging way
• Fill in time when the lesson plans end early
• Maintain a risk-free environment
• Inspire and motivate students to excel
• Create a useful “SubPack” resource kit
Plus, you will also join a network of professional substitutes where you can share lesson plans and activity ideas!
We all win.
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You will discover fresh ideas with our biweekly updates.

Your training does not end by earning your SubDiploma. We continue to give you even more ideas with our biweekly “SubSuggestions Newsletter.” Every other week, we give you tips for improving your teaching skills. These SubSuggestions focus on all facets of substitute teaching: getting the attention of your students, handling a “tough” setting, and working in special education. Plus, we share with you new fill-in activities that keep your students occupied and learning at the same time.
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checkmark2 GET OFFERED A JOB

You will get offered a job as a substitute—or your money back.

As an approved STEDI-Ready sub, you will get a substitute teaching job offer—guaranteed— or we will refund 100% of your tuition. If you complete our SubSkills Online Training Course or read the entire Substitute Teacher Handbook…and earn your STEDI SubDiploma…and meet your district’s hiring requirements and you are still not offered a job, we will refund 100% of your tuition. To get a refund, contact us at 435-755-7800. You have nothing to lose! And the training you gain is yours to keep for life.
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