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Preparing Your Site for a Substitute Teacher


This is a perfect time of the year to prep your students that there might be times that you’ll be out of the classroom and that you expect them to follow the substitute teacher in every way.

You have control of your students even when you are not in the classroom and if they know what you expect of them, you’ll set them and your substitute teacher up for success.

One teacher requires her students to fill out a Substitute Teacher Contract.

View this great little video that shows how easy it is to miss preparing for a substitute teacher. Hopefully, you won’t see yourself in the video!

The better you prepare your students the more the best substitute teachers will want to come to your classroom.  Take the time today to prepare and you’ll enjoy having your students behave well even when you’re out of the classroom.

If you are an administrator and you’re looking for ways to help your permanent teachers prepare for a substitute teacher, feel free to direct them to this web-page or mail them an old fashioned letter that include recommendations on how to prepare for their next substitute teacher. To obtain this letter template, email with the title “I Want to Help My Teachers Be Even More Awesome!” and she will email you a word doc of the letter template and help you fit it to your district’s needs.

For more downloadable documents to help being SubReady, click here.