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STEDI Templates for Schools

templatesSTEDI Templates for Schools focuses on the actions teachers, administrators, and staff at the local site can initiate in assisting permanent teachers and principals to more smoothly work with and integrate substitute teachers into the classroom. The forms offered here are available at no cost and are based on the research and field-tests conducted in schools by the Substitute Teaching Institute at Utah State University.

Substitute Teacher Templates

Templates helpful to substitute teachers who are new to a school (School SubBinder) or to a classroom (Classroom SubFolder).

Principal’s Guide Forms

These forms are taken from a publication included in the SubReady Kit called the Principal Guide which includes administrative implementation instructions. The SubReady Kit also includes a short video on DVD: “SubStory – A Fable”. This movie is for school faculty and staff meetings, and also contains a template disk containing these same online forms.

To use the forms, open the forms in Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat Professional). Type in your district information to customize the forms and print. With some versions of Adobe Reader you will not be able to save the information in the forms, thus, you will need to print them immediately. You can save the forms when using Adobe Acrobat Professional. Other PDF manipulation software may also allow you to save the information.



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Classroom SubFolder (206Kb)

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School SubBinder (221Kb)

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At a Glance (118Kb)

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Responsibilities (25Kb)

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Lesson Plan (25Kb)

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Video Viewing Guide (24Kb)

Adobe Reader is required to view these documents: