Your substitute teachers will learn 6 essential skills

No matter if they do online or print, they will be STEDI-Ready

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1) Classroom Management

    • Four principles of human behavior
    • Five skills for effectively managing behavior
    • Get and keep students on task
    • Maintain a high rate of positive interactions
    • Teach expectations
    • Respond non-coercively to consequential behavior
    • Avoid becoming trapped

2) Teaching Strategies

    • Kick-starters: start a lesson and get students engaged
    • Graphic organizers: help students retain and make sense of material
    • Questioning strategies: ask really thought-provoking questions
    • Group work strategies: get everyone involved as a team
    • Reviewing activities: help students recall and retain information in fun ways<

3) The Professional Substitute Teacher

    • At home: what to do before you go to your substitute teaching job
    • Prior to entering the classroom: Get your day off to a great start
    • Before the bell rings: enter the classroom prepared and confident
    • Throughout the day: keep up the positive energy throughout the day
    • At the end of the day: leave a lasting impression; get ready for tomorrow
    • Jobs: get more and better substitute teaching jobs

4) Special Education

      • Working with children with different strengths and weaknesses
      • Having an attitude of respect
      • Avoiding demeaning words
      • Working with paraprofessionals
      • Being familiar with special education laws and terms
      • Maintaining instructional consistency
      • Adapting lessons and activities
      • Knowing students and meeting all their needs
      • Characteristics of disabilities: autism, blindness, emotional, learning, etc.

5) Other Things You Should Know

      • Safe schools policy
      • First aid and safety
      • Emergency and evacuation procedures
      • Legal aspects of job
      • Child abuse: knowing the signs and how to report
      • Sexual-harassment: what it is and how to report
      • Diversity sensitivity
      • Bullying: how to prevent and stop
      • Out-of-classroom activities: assemblies, field trips, etc.

6) Fill-in Activities

      • Over 70 activities to download
      • Activities that supplement the permanent teacher’s lesson plan
      • Starter activities
      • Five-minute filler activities
      • Short activities
      • Early-finisher activities