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Say Thank You

to your SubManager by nominating them for a Certificate of Appreciation

SubManager = The people who place you in your assignments
(SubManagers, SubCoordinators, Technicians, District/Organization Staff, Supervisor, etc.)

It’s time to say thank you, so tell us how great your SubManager/Supervisor is, and we’ll send them a Certificate of Appreciation as a gift in your name. 

Nominating your SubManager/Supervisor is a great opportunity for you to show that you recognize all their hard work. By nominating them You can show them you understand what they do is difficult and you personally appreciate it.

Take a minute now and write an appreciation note to your supervisor and tell us why they are so good to work with, and we’ll do the rest.

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Fill in the form below to Recognize Your SubManager:

  • About Your SubManager

  • (The SubManager's Email Address)
  • (SubManager's First Name)
  • (SubManager's Last Name)
  • Which choice best represents your SubManager's Role?
  • Please click "Submit" only once.
  • Your Information

    (The person who is recognizing the SubManager)
  • (Your email address)
  • (Your First Name)
  • (Your Last Name)

Once you click Submit a certificate will be sent to your SubManager, thank you for your participation!

Rules and Procedures

Who can enter – Both past and present school substitutes can nominate currently working SubManagers/Supervisors for recognition.

Duration – The recognition will run between May 15 and June 11th 9 pm MDT.

How to enter – To enter simply fill out the form above.

Technical Issues – In the chance of technical issues the appreciation dates will not change.

Additional rules. Please note that holds the right to determine if your name and comments are given to the SubManager/Supervisors on the certificate of appreciation.