By requiring non-certified substitute teachers to take
STEDI’s SubSkills training

You’ll increase the likelihood that they will be prepared to teach online by 97%.

(Download the research here)

1) Less Liability

Training substitute teachers reduces the risk that the substitutes would do something that would cause legal action.

2) Lower Hiring Costs

You will receive fewer applications from unqualified substitutes because only trained subs will apply.

3) Fewer Complaints

A STEDI-Ready substitute knows what to do in tough situations. You will receive fewer complaints.

4) Less Turnover

Substitutes stop teaching because they hate their job, and they hate their job because they don’t know how to handle students.

5) Reduced Claims

You will see a reduction in unemployment claims because substitutes will be employed and much happier.

6) Increased Fill Rate

You will be able to fill more classrooms each day because trained substitutes tend to work more often.

7) Higher Quality Subs

Our courses are the most comprehensive training programs available. The result is a higher quality substitute.

8) Greater Retention

There is a correlation between training and retention. Trained substitutes tend to stay in your “active” pool longer.

9) More Teaching Days

Trained substitutes want to teach more than untrained substitutes. The training gives them confidence and knowledge.

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10) One-year Follow-up

Your substitutes will receive a one-year course follow-up to insure optimal retention of the material presented.

11) Guarantee for Admin

We guarantee that complaints registered against substitute teachers will decrease, that your teachers will recognize the change in quality of substitute teachers and will leave more competent lesson plans, and that the quality of applicants will increase.

12) Guarantee for Subs

If your substitutes earn their SubDiploma and meet your district’s hiring requirements and they are still not offered a job, we will refund their tuition 100%.

13) Purchase or require training in your district and you’ll have access to:

SubGuide Package: Training webinars, articles, and resources for administrators on recruiting, training, and retaining substitute teachers.

SubRecruiting Package: Wording, suggestions, and tips to find the best substitute teachers.

SubReady Package: How to train your faculty and staff to receive substitute teachers.

SubAppreciation Package: How to recognize and reward your substitute teachers.



Download the latest research on the efficacy of the SubSkills training for substitute teachers.