Fill Rate Academy –, Substitute Teaching Division Skip to main content is eager to announce a new academy for managers of substitute teachers. Whether you are new to your management position or have been there for a long time, STEDI wants to help you in each of those aspects all for the main goal of increasing your fill-rate.

This academy will bombard you with the best practices, best ideas, best strategies, and best methods to implement a successful substitute teaching program. These proven ideas and strategies come from those on the front lines of improving fill rates each and every day and have seen results.

Just as importantly, you’ll learn those strategies that you shouldn’t implement, strategies that would cost too much time and effort, with very few results. By knowing these, you’ll be working smarter not harder. And you’ll pay for the course in a very short order.

Be part of the very first group to complete this ten-week course, and you’ll receive a 50% discount on your registration. This is only good for Cohort 1 – October 2 – December 11, 2017. There will be live event, but most of the course work you can complete at your own time. You will also have all the material for as long as you would like for review and clarification.

Now the best part!

There will just as much interaction between the participants as there are between the instructors that you’ll be able to gain confidence to implement strategies the very first week of the course.

It’ll be the best investment your district can make in increasing your fill rate.

You’ll have so much confidence you’ll be so excited to go to work each and every day.

Register for the next Cohort Group, by clicking here: Fill Rate Academy for SubManagers by


Outline of the Fill Rate Academy:

Weeks One and Two: Recruiting

  • Who are your best candidates and how do you find them
  • Best low-cost recruiting methods
  • Certified vs non-certified
  • Onboarding – process and procedures
  • Best paid services

Weeks Three and Four: Training

  • Orientation
  • Skills training
  • Ongoing trailing
  • Online vs live training
  • Sources for training

Week Five: Teacher Attendance

  • Encouraging teacher attendance
  • Identifying problems and how to address them
  • Policies/procedures that affect teacher attendance

Week Six: Preparing Faculty and Staff to Receive Substitute Teachers

  • How to prepare students
  • How to prepare faculty
  • How to prepare local school staff

Week Seven: Competing for Substitute Teachers

  • What can attract subs to a specific school
  • How can data help hard-to-fill schools
  • Increasing fill-rates
  • Training principals

Week Eight: SubWeek

  • Preparing for SubWeek
  • Executing SubWeek

Week Nine: The SubOffice

  • Best practices in staffing/managing the SubOffice
  • How to gain influence in other departments in the district (particularly in staff development)
  • How to communicate with your subs
  • How to communicate with your school sites
  • How to win the hearts of your local school sites

Week Ten: Report Your Success







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