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Training Substitute Teachers Webinar

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Thank you for registering for the Training Substitute Teachers Webinar hosted by STEDI.org. Here is the video recording and the notes. Comment below with any questions you have or topics you would like covered in future webinars.



Download: Notes Training Substitute Teachers Webinar

To invite your substitute teachers to complete the training offered by STEDI.org, click here.

SubClub from STEDI gives Substitute Teachers more resources and options than ever before

Attract more substitute teacher applicants on your website – Webinar

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Are you turning away potential applicants?
Are you attracting the individuals who would make great substitute teachers?


This Webinar Took Place:

February 17, 2015
1pm EST


This webinar discusses simple ways to encourage individuals to apply to become substitute teachers and to make a difference in the classroom. Your need to hire those who will help reduce the number of classes going uncovered can be met with these few changes.

You may also post your questions for others to help answer during the 30-minute webinar.

Register today to ensure you have your seat reserved.

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Substitute Teacher Shortage – Webinar

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Beginning in the Fall of 2013, school districts began to experience a shortage of substitute teachers. By November, 2013, 48% of the districts nationwide said they had a severe or somewhat severe shortage of substitute teachers.

This webinar presents the current status of substitute teaching as well as examples of what school districts are doing to deal with this issue in their districts.


The webinar and discussion will be lead by
Geoffrey Smith
Founding and former director of the Substitute Teaching Institute at Utah State University,
Current director of STEDI.org.


Special guest panelists

DannyDeguire self

Dr. Danny Deguire

Director – Classified, Auxiliary and Substitute Employees
Northside ISD, (TX)



Mayra V. Lopez

Substitute Office Coordinator
Austin Independent School District (TX)



Download Handout 1

Download Handout 2

Below is the recording of the webinar

Substitute Teacher Training Options – Administrator’s Webinar

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In this webinar, Geoffrey Smith, Director of STEDI.org, will present the multiple options for substitute teacher training that school districts and staffing agencies can employ to train their substitute teachers.

He’ll cover:

SubEssentials Introductory Course

SubSkills Basic Training

SubWise eMentoring Course

Live Onsite Training

Advanced Courses

Paraeducator Course

Plus, how substitute teachers can sign up for ongoing SubSuggestions Newsletter!

The PowerPoint handout will be available approximately one hour before the broadcast.

Click here to download the handout for the webinar


SubEssentials Course – Webinar for Administrators

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This webinar introduces school districts, staffing agencies, and area educational service centers on how they can implement STEDI.org’s the new SubEssentials™ 90-minute introductory course for substitute teachers.

Since the registration fee is waived for substitute teachers and for the administrating organization, every substitute teacher applicant should complete this training course.

This webinar was conducted by Geoffrey Smith, Director of STEDI.org on December 11, 2012.

Handouts may be downloaded here.


(Audio starts in 10 seconds)


For more information contact me at: geoffrey.smith@STEDI.org

Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Substitute Teachers – Webinar

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PPACA_Logo (1)

July, 2012


Whether you are for or against this law, it is the current law of the land and districts need to begin now for its implementation.

Join us for an informative webinar on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and it’s potential impact on your substitute teachers. The law is expected to go into effect January 1, 2014 and most school districts will be impacted by it.

Districts must plan for these change during the current 2012-2013 school year to be ready for January 2014.

This webinar will review the information presented at SubSolutions National Conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in July 2012. The presentation reviews were so overwhelming from those who attended, it needs to be presented to all school districts.

Terry1Terry Christensen

Human Resource Director
Tooele County School District
Terry will cover the law and how districts will be affected.




GeoffSmithGeoffrey Smith

Geoff will host the session and add STEDI.org’s
recent statistics from the SubManagers
Spring 2012 Survey relating to health care.

View the Webinar


On-going Training for Substitute Teachers – Webinar

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The importance of on-going training for permanent teachers is well understood, but what about substitute teachers?

With very little interaction with other teachers and lack of professional learning communities to participate in, substitute teachers are often left to learn on their own.

On-going training for these individuals can have a dramatic affect on their ability to manage a classroom and implement lessons left by the permanent teacher.

In this webinar, Geoffrey Smith, director of STEDI.org, will introduce  SubWise™ eMentoring course for substitute teachers.

How to Train Substitute Teacher On-Site – Webinar

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Training presented in the school district setting goes a long way in helping an individual to become a successful substitute teacher. How is the best method to train substitute teachers on-site? This webinar address some of the issues, concerns and opportunities in live training offered by a school district.

View the webinar on how districts can train their substitute teachers live and on-site. You may also listen to the interview with Linda Robinson from Loudoun County, VA on how they do live training. Her interview is listed below as an mp3 file.

Please be patient as the sound begins after 38 seconds.


Linda’s email is – linda.robinson@loudoun.k12.va.us

Sub Trainer Manual (PDF)

Power Point Slides (PDF)

To Listen to an Interview with Linda Loudoun click below

Online Substitute Teacher Training – Webinar

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Districts and organizations who hire substitute teachers, find the benefit of requiring training prior to employment. This not only save the school district thousands of dollars each year in processing those individuals who are only looking for a quick paycheck, but it prepares those who really want to teach but lack the training that would help them from day one.

For a personal demonstration, please contact STEDI.org at 800-922-4693 ext 2012.



Online Substitute Teaching Training (PDF)