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Recruiting Substitute Teachers

Great Examples of District Websites

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We regularly scour the internet for excellent school district websites. Weird right? Who does that? Well, we do. We care that much about substitute teachers.

Here are some of our faves (and yes, they all have something in common):

Metro Nashville, TN

Boston Public Schools, MA

Atlanta Public Schools, GA

Share (as a comment below) your webpage for substitute teachers! We’d love to check them out.

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3 Ways to Recruit Substitute Teachers

By For Administrators, Recruiting Substitute Teachers

As a new school year is here, likely you’re looking for additional substitute teachers.

Here are three quick tips to increase your number of applications:

Send home a note in the district newsletter to parents encouraging them to become a substitute teacher.

Dear Parent,

We love seeing you at our school and would wonder if you’d like to be paid to be here? Apply to be a substitute teacher and work only on days you want to! Flexibility is a huge perk of the job. We’re having a Substitute Teacher Open House on Thursday, September 21 from 6-8 to help orient those interested in joining our ranks.

Ask permanent teachers to refer a friend.

Dear Teacher,

We want to clone you! Do you have a friend you think would make a great substitute teacher? Send them the link to apply:

If you’d like, maybe encourage them to observe in your classroom for an hour to help them feel more comfortable in the classroom.

Coordinate with your local job placement agency.


Bonus tip:

Be open to your current pool on what your fill rate is. Let them know what your goal fill-rate is and ask them to help you achieve it. National surveys indicate that just over 48% of substitute teachers would like to work more than they do.

For additional strategies on recruiting high quality substitute teachers, register for the Fill-Rate Academy. The academy is essential for anyone looking to improve the quality of their substitute teachers and in turn increase their fill-rate on a regular basis.

Consider Your First Impression

By For Administrators, Recruiting Substitute Teachers

We all know first impressions are really important. Do you ever wonder what first impression your potential applicants have of you?

Likely their first impression is made from your website. In the digital age, we all take to Google when we have a question. Which means your potential applicants likely have visited your district website.

Knowing this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it clear how to become a substitute teacher in our district?
  • Is the page where we talk about substitute teaching as an option easy to find?
  • Does the webpage seem inviting or daunting?

What kind of message are potential applicants taking away after visiting our website? Is it clear what the first step is to becoming a substitute teacher?

How can we find answers to these questions? Easy! Ask a few people! Have a couple of your kids, friends, or current substitute teachers look at the website and have them give you a little feedback. Give them specific questions they can answer.

Better yet, watch them use your website. It will become really obvious what they think of it.

If you would like to see a few examples of other school district websites, click here.