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Great Examples of District Websites

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We regularly scour the internet for excellent school district websites. Weird right? Who does that? Well, we do. We care that much about substitute teachers.

Here are some of our faves (and yes, they all have something in common):

Metro Nashville, TN

Boston Public Schools, MA

Atlanta Public Schools, GA

Share (as a comment below) your webpage for substitute teachers! We’d love to check them out.

Register your district for training today! 

Best Wording for your Website to Attract Substitute Teachers

By For Administrators

Requiring Online Training of your Non-certified Substitute Teachers

It takes only a few steps to make a significant positive impact in your district relating to attracting more effective individuals to substitute teach, reducing complaints and increasing your fill rates.

Benefits by requiring non-certified individuals to complete the SubSkills Online Training:

Substitute teachers will receive

Eight-hour SubSkills Online Training Course

Two-hour Classroom Management Audio Download

Bi-weekly SubSuggestions Newsletter for the entire year

Invitation to join the exclusive SubSkills Alumni group to share ideas with other graduates

The district will receive:

Access to:

Substitute Teacher Survey – to benchmark and measure improvement over time.

Principal Survey

50% Discount to the next Fill-Rate Academy for the entire SubTaskForce – they’ll learn the best practices in recruiting, training and retaining effective substitute teachers.



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Adding Wording to your District Website

Sign up before Sept. 1, 2019 and provide your Substitutes with a free Classroom Management Audio Download.

  • Which choice best represents you?

There are many individuals who know better than to put themselves in harm’s way or make fools of themselves. In other words, they will not put themselves in front of a classroom without first receiving the training they need to succeed in that classroom. They want to do well and they want to be trained.

When individuals are interested in investing in themselves at their own expense, make sure to reward them by reviewing their application before any other’s and once hired, place them on your preferred lists.

It’s as easy as that – no commitment, no policy changes, no coercion. Just give it a three-month trial and see what you think.

Bonus: Substitute teachers who are required by the district/organization starting July 1, 2019 to complete the SubSkills Online Training will receive the Classroom Management Two-hour Audio FREE with their SubSkills Online Training course.

What to say?

Just copy the paragraphs below and paste onto your website!


We require individuals not holding a teaching license to take the SubSkills course and pass with an 85% composite score.

Don’t worry – you can do this! The course was written specifically for those not holding a teaching license and who desire to influence the lives of students.

You will learn to:

    • Manage a classroom and avoid common errors most substitute teachers make
    • Teach with power, even if you don’t have a teaching degree and don’t know the material
    • Foster respect from students
    • Learn strategies to work with students with special needs
    • Implement activities when students finish early or when there are still five minutes left in the period

SubSkills contains engaging videos, downloads, examples, and teaching strategies for you to study and learn. The course can be accessed at any time and you can log out and return later to exactly where you left off in a lesson.

We look forward to having you in our classrooms.

Register for the SubSkills Online Training course at:


3 Ways to Recruit Substitute Teachers

By For Administrators, Recruiting Substitute Teachers

As a new school year is here, likely you’re looking for additional substitute teachers.

Here are three quick tips to increase your number of applications:

Send home a note in the district newsletter to parents encouraging them to become a substitute teacher.

Dear Parent,

We love seeing you at our school and would wonder if you’d like to be paid to be here? Apply to be a substitute teacher and work only on days you want to! Flexibility is a huge perk of the job. We’re having a Substitute Teacher Open House on Thursday, September 21 from 6-8 to help orient those interested in joining our ranks.

Ask permanent teachers to refer a friend.

Dear Teacher,

We want to clone you! Do you have a friend you think would make a great substitute teacher? Send them the link to apply:

If you’d like, maybe encourage them to observe in your classroom for an hour to help them feel more comfortable in the classroom.

Coordinate with your local job placement agency.


Bonus tip:

Be open to your current pool on what your fill rate is. Let them know what your goal fill-rate is and ask them to help you achieve it. National surveys indicate that just over 48% of substitute teachers would like to work more than they do.

For additional strategies on recruiting high quality substitute teachers, register for the Fill-Rate Academy. The academy is essential for anyone looking to improve the quality of their substitute teachers and in turn increase their fill-rate on a regular basis.

Ideas for Hosting a Live Training

By For Administrators, Training Options

Are you considering training your substitute teachers in house? There are so many benefits for going this route! Teaching is a face to face profession and when training substitute teachers live, you can model what you would expect them to do in the classroom.

Here are a few ideas for your next session:

      • Facilitate learning instead of lecture. You wouldn’t expect a substitute teacher to lecture, show them how to facilitate learning instead.
      • Base your classroom management strategies on skills. Every teacher needs skills, especially when it comes to classroom management. There are a lot of great ideas for managing student behavior, but implementing skills is where true success can be found.
      • Make the learning fun. Incorporate games, group presentations and door prizes. Everyone appreciates when the training is lively and engaging.

For ways to train your substitute teachers, consider reviewing the SubTrainer Manual. Any person in your district can be a trainer with this tool and a copy of the Substitute Teacher Handbook for each participant.

Make Changes in Just Four Emails!

By For Administrators, SubGuide to Managing Substitute Teaching

A quick overview of courses from

  • SubEssentials is a $14.95 online introductory training course for substitute teachers, great for recruiting.
  • SubSkills Online Training is a 8-10 hour training course to for substitute teachers. SubSkills is perfect for recruiting and screening new substitute teachers and training the current sub pool.
  • The Substitute Teacher Handbook is the backbone of all of the training available at The handbook is an essential tool for a live training.
  • According to one of our reviews at, “This book is an absolute must for all substitute teachers.”

A brief summary of the four emails

  1. Email and let us know what your expectations are. This way we can help your substitute teachers if they call in.
  2. Email to your webmaster. Let your web development team know of the wording changes that need to be made on you substitute teacher webpage. See example wording here.
  3. Email to district personnel to explain the new expectations and the benefits of implementing training. (Optional depending on your position)
  4. Email to current substitute teachers. Here you can encourage your current substitute teachers receive additional training. You could possibly offer a reward for taking the training such as putting the substitute teachers who complete the training on a preferred calling list.

A detailed summary of each email

Please review them and you are free to modify them with your specific information.

Email One

Email us here at with what you would like your substitute teachers to do. This helps us so if they call us we can help explain your expectations to them. Send this email to:

We would like to use to train our substitute teachers.

For those substitute teachers who would like to work in our school district we require them to complete the SubSkills Training and pass the SubAssessment with an 85%. They will be asked to supply their SubDiploma with their application. The page where we will list our substitute expectations can be found at: <insert link here>

Also, we will encourage all of our current substitute teachers to take the SubSkills Training. If they complete SubSkills they will be put on a preferred hire list.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working together.

Email Two

Email your webmaster or the person in charge of your districts website.

We would like to update our current substitute teacher webpage. Would you please post the following information on this page <insert web page here>.

Thank you for you interest in substitute teaching with us. We are pleased to announce the addition of an online training course for substitute teachers. is the national leader in substitute teacher training. Their programs are researched backed and were developed by Utah State University. Please review the following before applying:

I am not sure if I want to substitute teach. 

Please take SubEssentials the $14.95, 90-minute introductory course. Visit to get started.

I am ready to apply to be a substitute teacher what do I need to do?

Please register for and take SubSkills Basic Training Course. This 8-10 hour course will help you develop a solid understanding of classroom management skills, teaching strategies, professionalism in the school, and special education. To apply you will need to take the training and complete the SubAssessment with a composite score of 85% or better. Upon completion turn in your SubDiploma (awarded upon completion) along with the other necessary paper work. The cost for this course starts at $39.95 with other options available to help improve you chances of passing.

We are excited to work with you and good luck in the training.

Email Three

Email to HR/ District Personnel (May or may not send this one depending on your position)

To whom it may concern,

On average in the United States a student will spend one full year of their K-12 education with a substitute teacher. Starting today those days will not be wasted.

We are implementing substitute teacher training program offered by The researched based training was developed by Utah State University and is used throughout the United States. The training will provide more prepared and professional substitute teachers in the areas of classroom management, teaching strategies, working with students with special needs, and others. Potential substitute teachers will be required to complete the training before applying to substitute teach in our district. This means that the training will not cost the district any money.

The benefits of implementing this training are vast. has shown that a substitute teacher with high skills in key areas leads to improved student performance, reduced workload for administrators, and higher professionalism in the school. We are also encouraging all current substitute teachers to take the training as well.

To reward and encourage the current substitute teachers, we will be placing those who complete the training and pass the assessment on preferred calling list. These substitutes will be called first when jobs are posted.

Thank you for your support and we are excited to see the improvement in our substitute teachers and subsequently our students.

Email Four

Email to current substitute teachers

Today we are taking a step forward in helping you excel in the classroom. We know you are working very hard to have a successful day with the students and we would like to say thank you. Student education is first and foremost and we are glad to see you reflect this belief no matter what classroom you are in.

We have partnered with to provide in-depth substitute teacher training to help you have continued success in the classroom. The areas covered in the training are classroom management skills, teaching strategies, the use of fill in activities, being prepared and professional, and working in special education classrooms. There are many options available and we do offer a reward for completing certain trainings.

SubEssentials, this is a $14.95, 90-minute course that is an introduction to substitute teaching. Though many of you will have learned these tools it can be a good refresher. To get started visit:

SubSkills online training and The Substitute Teacher Handbook. This training can either be taken online. In addition, there is a SubDiploma that comes with the completion of the course. You will need to pass the course with a composite score of 85%. Upon completion and passing of the course please email your SubDiploma to us and you will be placed on a preferred calling list and be called ahead of those who have not taken the training. The cost of the course starts at $39.95 and you can begin by visiting and shop the online store.

Best of luck in your training and we are excited to see the continued impact you will have on teaching our students.

Classroom Management for New Teachers

By For Administrators

A few more details about this course:

  • What should have been taught in college regarding behavior management for teachers
  • Three hours in length
  • Skill based (practical in nature)
  • Teachers can revisit the course material at any time
  • Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Passing an Assessment (Based on user feedback)
  • Roughly $29 per learner with quantity discounts
  • Upon completion, learners will be invited to a private Facebook group
  • Launching  January 2018

Please share your thoughts about this course below! Share if it would be useful for your teachers to have an assessment associated. When would this course be most useful to you? Immediately or next school year?

To share your thoughts and stay updated on this course, either email or leave your contact information below.

Training Substitute Teachers Webinar

By For Administrators, Webinars for Administrators

Thank you for registering for the Training Substitute Teachers Webinar hosted by Here is the video recording and the notes. Comment below with any questions you have or topics you would like covered in future webinars.



Download: Notes Training Substitute Teachers Webinar

To invite your substitute teachers to complete the training offered by, click here.

Resources for Your Substitute Teachers

By For Administrators, Resources is eager to help you help your substitute teachers. Here are some free resources we encourage you to pass along to your substitute teachers:

  1. Facebook Page Each week our substitute teacher trainer goes live on the Facebook page with a short training video for substitute teachers.
  2. SubSuggestions Newsletter Delivered twice a month, it is easily the most popular substitute teacher newsletter out there.
  3. Latest Giveaway Every fall and spring hosts a huge giveaway for substitute teachers. Yes, we regularly give away Apple Watches.

Coming Soon: YouTube Channel

Consider Your First Impression

By For Administrators, Recruiting Substitute Teachers

We all know first impressions are really important. Do you ever wonder what first impression your potential applicants have of you?

Likely their first impression is made from your website. In the digital age, we all take to Google when we have a question. Which means your potential applicants likely have visited your district website.

Knowing this, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it clear how to become a substitute teacher in our district?
  • Is the page where we talk about substitute teaching as an option easy to find?
  • Does the webpage seem inviting or daunting?

What kind of message are potential applicants taking away after visiting our website? Is it clear what the first step is to becoming a substitute teacher?

How can we find answers to these questions? Easy! Ask a few people! Have a couple of your kids, friends, or current substitute teachers look at the website and have them give you a little feedback. Give them specific questions they can answer.

Better yet, watch them use your website. It will become really obvious what they think of it.

If you would like to see a few examples of other school district websites, click here.